This Category contains courses that are available to Fife Council partner organisations.

All of the courses in this category are set as Guest Access so do not require a user account and password.

If you are a Standard employee of Fife Council, DO NOT COMPLETE ANY COURSES IN THIS SECTION.  Any course you complete in this category will NOT be added to your Fife Council learning record.

If you are currently volunteering as an Emergency Carer, you should complete the first 8 courses in this list.

The purpose of this e-learning is for you to:

Understand the legislation relating to the protection of adults at risk of harm.

Gain an understanding of the principles, duties, roles and responsibilities and the legal measures in relation to this act.

This course has been developed by the Home Care Training Team to provide the key components of what is normally delivered during their Core Training - the induction for new staff.

This course is intended for all new & existing employees within the Home Care Service, who are directly involved in food preparation and/or food handling.  The course is designed to give participants a basic knowledge of food safety, causes of food poisoning, measures for prevention and how these apply in their work environment.

New members of staff should undertake this e-learning course prior to attending Core Skills Training.  All members of staff should refresh their skills every three years.

This course will provide you with the knowledge to meet Fife Council's Data Protection requirements at Intermediate (Tier 2) level

This course looks at the five key lone working occupational groups and helps the learner to identify the occupations that fall within those groups. By identifying their own, or a similar occupation, and the group into which it falls the learner is able to go on to recognise and identify with the particular risks to personal safety that apply to that occupation.

This course will give an overview of lone and remote working in Fife Council in the context of reducing risk.

Fife Council are implementing a new lone working solution and are introducing the use of an SOS Fob for lone and remote workers.  

The SOS Fob will provide a means to contact help in the case of an emergency and this course will give an overview of how it works.

This course replaces the Manual Handling Theory - Module A course with updated information.

Module A covers the theory side of moving and handling. It will introduce principles that you will then be able to apply to any situation to help you to reduce the risk.

This course will give you an overview of advocacy and the advocacy services available within Fife.

This is a short Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) online course designed to provide an awareness or refresher for all staff who work with children and young people and those who may have contact with children and young people whilst carrying out the roles and responsibilities of their post.

Note:  This course should only be completed by staff from Fife Council Partner Organisations.

You must produce the certificate at the end of the course and show it to your line manager to allow your CLMS record of completing the course to be updated.

This is a Fife specific course looking at both the processes for Child Wellbeing and Child Protection in Fife.  This can be used as a refresher for those who have previously completed the Introduction to GIRFEC and Child Protection or for those who do not require a full day training.

Child Protection Committee LogoThis multi-agency e-learning is to support anyone who may be required to attend court as a witness.  This is a requirement to have completed prior to attending the face to face training 'Being a Witness: Giving Evidence at Court'.

This course has been designed provide information around the recruitment process for permanent Headteacher and Depute Headteacher posts.

The materials for this course have been adapted using the Scottish Government 'Human Trafficking: Reading The Signs' DVD along with information contained in other documents e.g. The Trafficking & Exploitation Strategy 2017. 

This E-Learning programme is designed to be a user friendly, one stop shop across all agencies/services.  

Having completed this course you may understand and become more aware of what protecting children means and how you can contribute to the process.

Click here to view the course fact sheet.

Enter to see what level of trauma training you should undertake

This course has been designed for every employee.  Consistent with Scottish Government Guidance, it considers psychological trauma and how everyone, irrespective of their role, can make a difference to the lives' of others. 

This training course has been designed to meet tier 1 of the NES Psychological Trauma Framework, suitable for all workers.

This course is set at Tier 2 of the National Trauma Training Framework and is suitable for staff who work directly with people who may have been affected by psychological trauma, e.g. social work and social care staff, police and housing staff.