Topic outline

  • Welcome to Human Trafficking Awareness for Fife Council Partner Organisations

     If you are a Fife Council Employee DO NOT DO THIS COURSE!  You should do the version in the Health and Social Care Category.  Completing this version will not be recorded in your training record.

    Human Trafficking has become a key focus for the Scottish Government in recent years who have published the 'Trafficking & Exploitation Strategy 2017'. 

    If you want more information about the strategy, click on the link to open the strategy document from the government website.  The document will open in a new window.

    This is an awareness programme designed to provide staff from all agencies with a basic understanding of the issues relating to the human trafficking of children and adults.

    The materials for this course have been adapted using the Scottish Government 'Human Trafficking: Reading The Signs' DVD along with information contained in other documents e.g. The Trafficking & Exploitation Strategy 2017. 

    This E-Learning programme is designed to be a user friendly, one stop shop across all agencies/services.