Topic outline

  • Adult Protection:General Overview for Partner Organisations

    This course is for Fife Council Partner Agencies, Volunteers and Emergency Services staff.

    If you are a Fife Council Employee, you must complete the course located within the Employee Section of E-learning under Health and Social Care this will ensure your staff training record is updated accordingly.

    The aim of this course is for you to gain an understanding of what harm is, who is an adult at risk of harm, your role and responsibilities in relation to adult support and protection and relevant legislation.

    Update: Since this course was developed the Cause for Concern form has changed to the Inter-agency Report of Harm Referral Form.

    Download the Scottish Social Services Commission (SSSC) Adult Protection App to your phone as an additional resource. Available for Android and Apple Devices.

    During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic If you have any queries regarding which adult protection course is most appropriate to your role please contact