Topic outline

  • Adult Protection

    This course is for Fife Council Partner Agencies and Emergency staff only.

    If you are a standard Fife Council Employee DO NOT DO THIS COURSE.  You must complete the course located in the Health and Social Care Category.  If you do this version of the course there will be no record of your completion held in the system.

    The purpose of this e-learning is for you to:

    Understand the legislation relating to the protection of adults at risk of harm.

    Gain an understanding of the principles, duties, roles and responsibilities and the legal measures in relation to this act.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Understand legislation surrounding Adult Protection
    • Be able to define an Adult at Risk
    • Understand what harm and the Indicators of harm
    • Know how and when to record and report information
    • Understand your role and responsibilities
    • Be aware of measures/powers involved
    • Be aware of Local Policy & Procedures
    • Outline and Instructions