This course covers multiple aspects of Outdoor Learning, including: the benefits of learning outdoors and how this can significantly contribute to children’s health and wellbeing, adopting a risk-benefit approach, the various curricular areas outdoor provision can support, and embedding literacy and numeracy in an outdoors context.

Typically, Outdoor Learning courses are highly practical in nature, however, given the limitations of an online course, the predominant purpose is to highlight the critical importance of children spending time outdoors, and to help practitioners make links to relevant supporting documentation.

Following completion of this module, practitioners will have an improved understanding of:

  • The importance of learning outdoors and how this can contribute significantly to children’s health and wellbeing.
  • Ways in which outdoor learning links to the Health and Wellbeing indicators.
  • Why practitioners should adopt a “risk-benefit” approach when planning outdoor learning and play experiences.
  • Different ways to facilitate for learning in an outdoor environment whilst making links to the Fife Core Provision document.