This course contains a number of short video ebytes that you might enjoy in realtion to our mental wellbeing at work.

The course is available to anyone who wants to view it and there is no completion or assessment.  These are purely for viewing.


This course provides an introduction to the key duties of a fire warden. You will be shown the risks from fire and how to control and reduce them. The course covers your role in evacuating a building in an emergency and how to use firefighting equipment when safe to do so.

Prior to attempting this course, you should be familiar with your building’s emergency evacuation plans and have completed the Fire Safety and Evacuation eLearning module.

This training has been developed by the NHS and Healthy Working Lives to increase your awareness of mental health in the workplace. It can be completed on its own or as part of the One Day Mentally Healthy Workplace Training for managers.

Learning Outcomes

  • An awareness of the differences between mental health and mental health problems
  • An awareness of the impact of attitudes, values and culture on mental health in the workplace
  • An awareness of what stress is, what can cause it and how it can be managed effectively
  • An awareness of the legal implications of the Equality Act 2010 and other legislation on employees and employers
  • An understanding of how to promote our own and other people's mental health in work